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Sexual harassment or having to work in a sexually hostile environment are types of sex discrimination that violate federal, New York State and New York City law. No employee deserves to be harassed, discriminated against or mistreated at work.

When boundaries are crossed, when you are violated – it’s time to fight back. With the law on your side, and the help of a highly skilled lawyer you can obtain full money damages; compensation for lost wages, emotional distress, and more.

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Sexual Harassment in NYC Facts To Know

  • New York City anti-harassment laws are some of the most pro-employee, comprehensive civil rights laws in the country
  • There are nearly 15,000 sexual harassment or gender discrimination lawsuits filed in New York City every year
  • Women are 9 times more likely than men to quit their jobs, 5 times more likely to transfer, and 3 times more likely to lose jobs because of harassment
  • Employers are liable for sexual harassment between co-workers if they knew or should have known about it and took no steps to stop it
  • It is illegal to retaliate against an employee for complaining about discrimination or pursuing his or her rights under the law.

Two types of sexual harassment New York Laws protect against

Quid Pro Quo

Quid pro quo in Latin literally means “this for that”. As it relates to sexual harassment it is a solicitation for sexual favors in exchange for some ‘benefit’ in the workplace. This can be a true benefit such as promotions, pay raises, or a more desirable shift or assignment. *Or it can be a blackmail exchange just to prevent punitive measures such as termination, reduced hours, or less desirable work assignments.

Hostile Work Environment

Hostile work environment sexual harassment occurs when an employee suffers frequent or extremely offensive sexual advances or comments from a supervisor or co-worker, or even customer of client. The law does not prohibit teasing, or isolated comments, but harassment is illegal when it becomes so frequent that it interferes with the employee’s ability to perform their work or creates an intimidating, hostile, or abusive environment.

Things you should do to help prove your case?

  • Call out the behavior and say it: “Stop harassing me”
  • Report the incidents to management through workplace email
  • Log all dates, places, times and people involved in a personal journal
  • Take pictures or keep copies of any offensive material
  • Save all inappropriate contact done through email, text, or social media
  • Obtain copies of your work records if performance evaluations were affected

Take great care in which attorney you choose to represent you for a sexual harassment case. Your attorney should be extremely dedicated and emotionally invested in your case. These cases are also extremely complex and vast experience is critical. In the end….


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$550,000.00 settlement in a hotly contested sexual harassment case involving the CEO of a publicly traded corporation.

$468,000.00 settlement in a sexual harassment case involving the Chairman of a Nationally recognized corporation.

$635,000.00 settlement in a case involving violations by a chain restaurant.

$385,000.00 settlement in a sexual harassment case involving a nationally known surgeon by three members of his staff.

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